I do a lot of training around mental health awareness.  A key part of that is encouraging people to become more self aware of how they are feeling, and to do something about it (for which the starting point is generally to talk about it) when they recognise that things aren't right.  Recently I have noticed me being more emotional, more vulnerable, than normal in sessions.  Partly that is the connection with people in the room - feeling safe with them to be vulnerable.  There is, however, something else.

Today is the day my book is officially published - This Too Will Pass, Anxiety in a Professional World.  It is a memoire of my experience of mental illness and recovery and inevitably it involves a great deal of self disclosure.  While I talk about my experiences in the training we do, most of that is fairly well trodden for me now, and only goes so far.  The book is taking it to a whole new level, in the hope of providing insight and support to those experiencing problems and those around them, as well as helping others to avoid problems in the first place.  

A key mantra from my time in hospital, and something that we reiterate in our training, is that however bad things may feel and seem right now, those feelings and thoughts are not permanent.  This too will pass.

Right now I am feeling exposed, vulnerable, naked in many ways. (As well as excited and hopeful that people will read and gain benefit from the book.) I am very much hoping that, over time, this too will pass!

 If you are interested, the book is available here - http://www.triggerpublishing.com/product/this-too-will-pass-anxiety-in-a-professional-worldpre-order-now/ 

Pinsent Masons, the leading law firm with whom we have done a lot of work and who, with others, have been changing the debate in this area and making real strides to raise awareness of, and make changes to enhance and protect, mental health in the workplace, are very kindly hosting a launch event for the book, at their London offices from 6pm on Thursday 29 November 2018.  Places are limited and if you would like to come along please email pa@byrnedean.com  to register and for more details.