he's angry, he eats/drinks because he's sad, he eat/drinks because he's fat/a drunk anyway (so what’s the point - he might as well be bad)...and have a brownie/chandy or five or 10 slices of cake/glasses of wine, nobody will notice anyway...

He eats/drinks because he is lonely - He's stressed at work - He's had a bad day. Sometimes, he eats/drinks because he's bored - he's going to start his diet/healthy-life tomorrow, he'll say - so he eats/drinks tons of chocolate/whiskey ...maybe he'll start the diet/healthy-life another time - diets/healthy-lifestyles are awful - what’s the point - he gives up.

He eats/drinks because he doesn't get the attention he wants -at least he can rely on cake/beer to make him feel good today...But he doesn’t enjoy it anyway - this eating/drinking too much- he feels guilt, he feels pain, he feels shame...and yet he just can’t seem to stop -it is easier to put it off until another time -when he has more time, or less stress, or less work or more money to pay....

for a juice cleanse or a detox - maybe a nice retreat in Spain (he needs a quick fix - he's a lost cause) it will be much easier this way

Why is it so hard for him to be thin/sober - he hates his body and life.  He's a failure - he thinks to himself - every day. But he likes those two minutes of happiness he gets - when he eats/drinks something tasty, something good and maybe he doesn’t want to give that up just yet because without food/alcohol, he’ll have to deal with what really is not good in his life, in his world, in his heart, in his mind - and that scares him - to tell you the truth.

He eats/drinks because...

He is hungry - but not for food that’s for sure.

Maybe he's hungry for fun, for love, for companionship, for comfort, for a purpose - maybe he's just hungry not to be stressed anymore.

During Mental Health Awareness week this year, there was a lot of focus on chronic stress and the common mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression that it often causes.  Yet what gets less attention is how many people cope with chronic stress through using food/alcohol/drugs/sugar/shopping/gambling and other, often "unhealthy"  stress-relievers.  Many people will eat to deal with stress or worries, drink to take the edge off things, or shop to feel a bit better.  The danger of using these habits as a means to reduce stress or cope with issues (without resolving the underlying problem) is that often it can spiral into a very unhealthy dependency.  Eating/drinking/shopping are all socially acceptable activities to engage in - so it is easy to indulge to excess - trying to cope with stress or trauma and never really feeling much better.  

Ask yourself what you do to deal with stress - and whether these coping mechanisms are serving your health or doing you more harm?